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Palo Alto
@MargarethaganMargaret Hagan
Stanford, CA
@FmicalettoFrancesco Micaletto
Gallipoli - Italia
@HazardjJames Hazard
Silicon Valley
@Fede_guerriniFederico Guerrini
Oxford - Genova


2preferenze #2preferenze

Valentino Spataro #DdayFVG

2preferenze #ReteG2

Lucio Cincinnato  #ilgpssiamonoi

pierfelice licitra #invasionidigitali

Valentino Spataro #jurix2012

Salvatore Nascarella #libroincorso

Valentino Spataro Bitcoins

Gazduna Branding 2.0

cameracivile Camera Civile Veneziana

CameraPenaleVe Camera Penale Veneziana

Valentino Spataro Commerce 2.0

Valentino Spataro Condominio e mediazione

Valentino Spataro Corsophp

Valentino Spataro Droni

Valentino Spataro Droni e Dronelaw

Valentino Spataro Google and olvido

Valentino Spataro ITVmania

Marco Giacomello If Book Then

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Valentino Spataro Indie2014

Web Crew Internet

Valentino Spataro LAB20

Valentino Spataro Laboratorio NordEst per la Giustizia 2.0

Marco Giacomello LeDita

Valentino Spataro Legal_design

alessandra Liguria

Valentino Spataro Musei e cultura

Matteo Brunati Opendataitaly

pierfelice licitra Openriforme

Valentino Spataro Osservatorio Veneto del Diritto d'Impresa

Renato Savoia Renato Savoia

Valentino Spataro Riforma cpc senza avvocati !

Valentino Spataro Scrivere Digitale

Valentino Spataro Sharexpo

Valentino Spataro Sme2013

Valentino Spataro SubTech2012

pierfelice licitra TEO - Roma

Valentino Spataro TheSouthSummit14

New groups

Musei e cultura - Insieme per promuovere la cultura e le iniziative based on Musei by Valentino Spataro

TheSouthSummit14 - TheSouthSummit14 based on TheSouthSummit14 by Valentino Spataro

Google and olvido - #rtbf based on #rtbf by Valentino Spataro

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pierfelice licitra joined Droni

pierfelice licitra joined Musei e cultura

Valentino Spataro joined Musei e cultura

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Gloxa: saves your old tweets from oblivious and group them by hashtags (from 2009)

Gloxa is currently opened only to selected people. Ask to IusOnDemand why you would join us.

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