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@FmicalettoFrancesco Micaletto
Gallipoli - Italia
@HazardjJames Hazard
Silicon Valley
@Fede_guerriniFederico Guerrini
Oxford - Genova


2preferenze #2preferenze

2preferenze #ReteG2

Lucio Cincinnato  #ilgpssiamonoi

Valentino Spataro #jurix2012

Salvatore Nascarella #libroincorso

Filomena e Francesca Bed and breakfast

Valentino Spataro Bitcoins

Gazduna Branding 2.0

cameracivile Camera Civile Veneziana

CameraPenaleVe Camera Penale Veneziana

Valentino Spataro Commerce 2.0

Valentino Spataro Condominio e mediazione

Marco Giacomello Conferenza NEXA su Internet & Societa'

Valentino Spataro Corsophp

Valentino Spataro Droni e Dronelaw

Uninominale ElezioniPrimarie

Valentino Spataro ITVmania

Marco Giacomello If Book Then

Web Crew Internet

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Valentino Spataro LAB20

Valentino Spataro Laboratorio NordEst per la Giustizia 2.0

Marco Giacomello LeDita

Valentino Spataro Legal_design

alessandra Liguria

Matteo Brunati Opendataitaly

pierfelice licitra Openriforme

Valentino Spataro Osservatorio Veneto del Diritto d'Impresa

Alvise De Sanctis  PubblicamenteMilano2030

Uninominale Referendum

Renato Savoia Renato Savoia

Valentino Spataro Riforma cpc senza avvocati !

i Roma Roma

Valentino Spataro Scrivere Digitale

Valentino Spataro Sharexpo

Valentino Spataro Sme2013

Valentino Spataro SubTech2012

pierfelice licitra TEO - Roma

pierfelice licitra WikiLovesMonuments

New groups

Sharexpo - based on Sharexpo by Valentino Spataro

Bitcoins - based on Bitcoin by Valentino Spataro

Droni e Dronelaw - Dronelaw based on drone,droni,quadricotteri,remote control,connected machines,rfid by Valentino Spataro

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Valentino Spataro joined Sharexpo

giorgiotrono joined Bitcoins

Olivia Zarcate joined Legal_design

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To submit and event os to follow a public hashtag create a group, then contact @iusondemand also by webmail.

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Gloxa: saves your old tweets from oblivious and group them by hashtags (from 2009)

Gloxa is currently opened only to selected people. Ask to IusOnDemand why you would join us.

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